Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 4 (7/9)

Since Nina was out today we were on our own, I figured i'd just be doing more envi tutorials and and reading up on SUMO and other similar programs, but no, when I got here today I looked at my task list on wiki and saw that I had loads to do! I had to research Micro-PedSim and make a tutorial on how to use it because I guess no one here has yet, so that took up much of my morning. After lunch I continued to work on that and eventually completed it. Then I researched other Crowd Simulation programs and found a few interesting programs that could be used. Thank god its Friday, I can finally catch up on some sleep this weekend. Monday I think we are going to meet with a graduate student, May, to help her process wasp data. See you on monday cyberworld.

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