Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 1 (7/6)

Today we learned how to swipe our time cards in and out, we also got a RIT lanyard. We then went on a scavenger hunt to find random things throughout the whole campus, we also had to video tape the whole thing. It was so hot but we survived. My favorite part of the scavenger hunt was when we were supposed to find a picture of a unisex bathroom sign and we asked some guy, that turned out to be a janitor, if he knew where it was. He went on to tell us that he cleans the "things" but he doesn't know where it is. hahah. Then we came inside to the meeting room and we got pizza! After lunch we went into the mac lab and made our scavanger hunt videos into a movie using moviemaker. The only problem was that no one knew how to use a mac. After we spent a hour making the movie, our computer froze and nothing could be recovered. So lesson of the day is that we should all stick to PCs. Joe Pow took us upstairs after watching all of the groups movies and we all got a free t-shirt, which was pretty cool. Then i met with my leader Nina. We talked for a half hour about what we'd be doing this summer, then the day was over!

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