Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 11 (7/20)

So today in our morning meeting Bob gave us there letters, IPESNRUHTERIRANP, and asked us to unscramble it... Toni, Kevin, and I solved it within 20 minutes, and it seemed to be just luck! The word we got was Intrapreneurship, which is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, except within a larger organization. After doing that, today was the busiest day yet. In the morning we went to the roof with Nina and I learned how to use the GPS for the SHARE collect which may happen this Thursday. Then I played around with that and became pretty familiar with it, which it good because i have to GPS about 50 targets. Later I made a excel sheet with all the GPS stuff i'll need to write down. After our 3 o'clock meeting, I spoke with Rolo for a little and then talked to Nick about the GPS because he will be helping me. I'm hoping this collect is a success.

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